Chinapcbone has a branch factory dedicated to Quick Turn PCB Services in order to ensure on-time delivery. We guarantee the fastest delivery time is 24 hours to meet you schedule.

ChinaPCBOne provides Quick Turn PCB Prototype and Express PCB and related services. We have a PCB Allegro Factory to guarantee on-time delivery of customer PCB . We understands the demanding marketplace and the need for getting Printed Circuit Boards fast to meet your schedule, so long as the commitments we have made will certainly delivered on time.

We provide pcb of Quick Turn PCB delivery are as follows:

    • Double Sided Quick Turn PCB - 1 days


    • 2 Layers Quick Turn PCB - 1 days


    • 4-6 Layers Quick Turn PCB - 2 days


    • 8-10 Layers Quick Turn PCB - 3 days


    • 12-16 Layers Quick Turn PCB - 4 days


    • 16-20 Layers Quick Turn PCB - 5 days


    • 22-30 Layers Quick Turn PCB - 6 days


    • 32-48 layers Quick Turn PCB - 8 days


These are only used when we produce, not including the time required for delivery. In different countries and regions, please refer to the delivery schedule, "delivery services" section.

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