ChinaPCBOne is a professional PCB Manufacturer in ShenZhen of China, specialize in Quick Turn PCB and PCB prototypes. We produce a Special Material PCBs, such as: Metal PCB, Ceramic PCB, High Frequency(HF) PCB, Teflon PCB, High Temperature(High TG) PCB, Halogen free PCB.

We not only provide general material PCB production, but also specializes in some special materials PCB production, such as: High Frequency(HF) PCB, High Temperature(High TG) PCB, Aluminum base(Al) PCB, Halogen Free PCB, Teflon PCB. In order to ensure the quality of the PCB, and our PCB materials are well-known brands, such as: Rogers, Isola, Arlon,ITEQ, NanYa, Nelco, ShenYi, Taconic, and so on.

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