ChinaPCBOne is a professional PCB Manufacturer in China. We produce printed circuit boards used in communication products, such as: Bluetooth PCB, Wireless PCB, RF PCB, and so on; Used in computer, such as: Motherboard PCB, hard disk & ribbon Printed Circuit Boards, and so on; Used in digital products, such as: camera, CCTV, lcd & video Printed Circuit Boards, and so on; Used in automatic electronic products, such as: Automotive PCB, LED PCB, and more..

Our PCB products are mainly used in the following sectors: Power Electronics, Communications, Industrial Control, Medical electronics, Security Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Computer, Aerospace, Automotive electronics.

Our PCB Application data charts are as follows:

PCB Application Chart

Power Electronics 24.2%
Communications 23.4%
Industrial Control 23%
Medical Electronics 8.4%
Security Electronics 7%
Consumer Electronics 5.8%
Computer 2.8%
Aerospace 1.2%
Automotive Electronics 0.7%
Other 3.3%


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