ChinaPCBOne is a Professional PCB Manufacturer in China. We continue to invest heavily to keep the advanced Production Process and rising productivity, in order to be able to meet customer demand for a large number of advanced circuit boards.

PCB Manufacturer on-site photos below:

Inner layer scrubbing and chemical pre-treatment machine

Collimated exposure

Developer, etching and stripping machine

Automatic brown oxide line

Automatic lay-up melting machine

Vacuum pressing machine

X-ray target-hole machine


Laser Drill Machine

Mechanical drill Machine

Automatic desmear PTH, panel plating line

Automatic hot roll laminator

Automatic collimated UV exposure

Automatic pattern pllating line

Film stripping, etching & Tin-stripping

Automatic Nickle / Gold plating line

Vocalo-ash scrubbing machine

Solder mask double-printing machine

Automatic immersion gold line

Automatic immersion Tin line

H.S.S.L machine

Organic coating line(OSP)

CNC routing machine

CNC V-CUT machine

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