About ChinaPCBOne Technoloyg LTD.

ChinaPCBOne Technology Limited is PCB & PCBA manufacturer in China Shenzhen.

One-stop Turnkey PCB & PCBA Manufacturing

ChinaPCBOne is professional PCB & PCBA manufacturer in china shenzhen, was established in 2000. we have two branch factories dedicated to PCB design, multilayer PCB Manufacturing services, PCBA Assembly Manufacturing services. As these, we can solemnly assure you, on time delivery, especially the Quick Turn PCB & PCBA Prototypes 100% on time delivery. we got UL and ISO14000 certification, to ensure that we produce high-quality circuit boards and meet RoHS compliant!

Full Service PCB Manufacturer in China Serving the word with Quick Turn low cost PCBs.

ChinaPCBOne is Professional PCB Manufacturer in China,specialize in Quick Turn PCB Prototype, Small and Medium-volume Printed Circuit Board Product. Aluminum PCB, High Density PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, High Multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, Impedance Control PCB, Gold Plating PCB, Rogers PCB are what we are good at.

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One-stop Turnkey PCB & PCBA Manufacturing
  • PCB Manufacturing Services
    PCB fabrication service for High Density PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, High Multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, Impedance Control PCB, Hard Gold Plating PCB, Rogers PCB, Aluminum PCB.
    PCB Production(month)
    PCB Production(month)
  • Turnkey PCBA Assembly Services
    Over 10years about product's assembly and we are professionals to handle the industrial production and measurement devices. 0201 chip components and 0.2mm pitch BGA,Quality Assurance by AOI and X-Ray inspection.
    PCB Assembly(Month)
    PCB Assembly(Day)
  • Purchase Electronic Components
    Strong components supply-chain supported by two overseas purchasing office in Hong Kong, USA. component procurement according to your requirements.
    Standing Stock Components
  • Value-Added Service - PCB Design
    Depending on what input you provide, we offer PCB Design from recovering schematics and layout if you have a prototype, to place & route if you have schematics, to creating schematics and layout if you have an idea. The output of this service are: Gerber, NC Drill, and BoM.
    PCB Assembly(Month)
    PCB Design(Weekly)
Rigid Flex PCB
We provide small and medium-volume Rigid-Flex PCB production,
can make up to 20 layers Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards.
Rigid-Flex PCB line width / spacing can be achieved minimum 2mil.
Heavy Copper PCB
Heavy Copper PCB are generally used for high power distribution,
heat dissipation, planar transformers, and power convertors.
We can make up to 19oz Heavy Copper PCB.
High Frequency PCB
Some special high-frequency PCB materials , such as:
Teflon PCB material, Rogers PCB materials.... ,
we have sufficient inventory.
Copper Based PCB
Copper Based PCB widely used in industrial power equipment,
automotive ignition, regulator, speakers,
power supply module and
other cooling requirements of electronic equipment.
Rogers PCB
We have prepared a sufficient conventional Rogers PCB laminate stock,
that can on time delivery to your Rogers PCB.
Teflon PCB
ChinaPCBOne provide various well-known brand Teflon PCB Laminate,
for example: Rogers Teflon PCB, taconic Teflon PCB.
Rogers and the Taconic Teflon PCB Laminate.
High Tg PCB
We have sufficient stocks of High Temperature ( High Tg ) PCB material,
that can on time delivery to your High Tg PCBs.
Fast 24 hours fast production of circuit board services
PCB Prototype for the 48 layers high-rise.
2-Hours reply engineering techniques questions, 2-Hour Quick PCB Quote.

High Multilayer PCB Manufacturing

Our market target is the High Multilayer, High Density, Special Material & Process Printed Circuit Boards. We are able to produce Impedance Control PCB, Buried & Blind Holes PCB, 48-layer Printed Circuit Boards. the lower than the 40-layer printed circuit boards for us, just the normal processing. We are more interested in High Density, more than 40 multilayer PCB as well as special Printed Circuit Board material & process, such as: Aluminum base PCB, HDI PCB, High-Frequency PCB, Heavy Copper PCB ( 19OZ ), and so on.

Multilayer PCB
Up to 48 Layers Circuit boards
Heavey Copper PCB
Up to 19oz Heavy Copper Boards
Rigid-Flex PCB
up to 20 layers Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards
HDI, 2 Steps HDI, 3 Steps HDI

Professional SMT Partner

ChinaPCBOne set up the SMT and wave soldering process in order to run the electronics project smoothly based PCB’s customers valued service, whole PCB’A process meet the IPC-610-E-II standard and in the ESD requirement, handling 0201 chip components and 0.2mm pitch BGA and precision connector, we have strengthen for whole PCB assembly and final product assembly.